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Volume 1 Issue 12

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ISSN: 2349-3771

Serial No. Title of Paper Authors Page No. Link
1. Experimental Analysis of Vapour Compression Refrigeration System With Liquid Line Suction Line Heat Exchanger by Using R134A And R404A G. Maruthi Prasad Yadav et. al. 382-395 PDF
2. Resource Balancing for Manufacturing of Cylinder Liners using Cellular Production System Manisha Baswaraj Yellale et. al. 396-406 PDF
3. Performing Finite Element Analysis for Identifying Induced Stresses and Natural Frequencies to Improve the Behaviour Under Sustained Vibrations Sagar P. Walhekar et. al. 407-412 PDF
4. Design & Optimization of Automotive Composite Drive Shaft, Sumit Dhanwate,et. al. 413-421 PDF
5. Numerical Modeling of Solar Reactor for Water Treatment: Hydrodynamic, Kinetic and Solar Irradiation Aspects L. Aoudjit et. al. 422-443 PDF
6. Determining Procurement Process Parameters for a Construction Project for Managing Resources in an Optimal Setting Nilam Nandkumar Ingale et. al. 444-451 PDF
7. Identifying Optimized Levels for the Processing Factors of Thermoplastic ABS to Reduce Cycle Time for Injection Molding Bhupesh Narote et. al. 452-464 PDF
8. Design Evaluation of Fatigue Life of Connecting Rod used in Hero Honda Motor Cycle Dipalee Bedse et.al. 465-468 PDF
9. Remote Operated Spy Robot Asad Saifi et.al. 469-475 PDF