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How to publish paper/ How to write paper

1. Title of paper (reflecting nature and type of paper).
2. Author name and affiliations.
3. Abstract: (Brief knowledge about paper work with its application).
4. Keywords: key words that describe your paper.
5. Introduction: (What does this paper explain).
6. Organisation: important sections of paper may be given at end of introduction section.
7. Literature Survey: (Author have to write here the relevant past review of your research for better understanding of your new research).
8. Research Elaborations: (Here you have to explain your research work).
9. Result and Discussion: (Here you have to write result of your research).
10. Conclusion: (It is summarize view of paper).
11. Future scope: further research directions in brief.
12. References: (Which you had used in the literature survey).
13. Authors Biographies with photographs (a short biography limited to one paragraph).

Click here for Paper preparation guidelines
Click here for IJSRMS Paper Template
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Paper formatting guidelines

• Paper should be A4 size
• Paper should be in MS Word Format
• Font Type should use Times new Roman
• Paper should be in double column format. (If there are large equations and figs, author can use single column format)
• Line space should be single.

Preparation for Submission: General Guidelines

• Author prepares paper as per manuscript preparation guidelines.
• Authors can submit paper through online submission or through email to editor.ijsrms@gmail.com or editor@ijsrms.com.
• Author gets an acknowledgment and paper id with 24 hrs of submission of paper.
• Within 7-10 days, Author will get review report.

o If paper is rejected, it cannot be published  in the Journal

o If paper is accepted, author needs to deposit fees in the given account with review report.

• After deposition fees you have to send the scan copy of bank receipt and duly signed copy right form to editor.ijsrms@gmail.com or editor@ijsrms.com.
• Author will get fees deposition acknowledgment mail and publication schedule within 24 hrs.
• Journal will send final version of paper which is to be published. If Author wants any changes or modifications, these changes/ modification are to be done within 3 days of receipt of mail.
• Accepted paper will be published as per given schedule.

After Submission

If Author wants to get digitally signed certificate, Digital Certificate Request form has to be filled by the corresponding paper.

Formatting Guidelines for IJSRMS Papers